Drill Support

Focus Subsea has extensive experience supporting Work Class ROVs during drilling and completion operations. We’ve delivered significant time savings and improved safety for drilling campaigns in Western Australia.

Our support services cover three key functions during drilling and completion activities:


Supporting Work-Class ROV during regular D&C operations.

Alternative view of BOP, XT and FSB for land out and recovery operations; GVI of flex joint slope indicator pre and post land out; GVI of gauges, slope indicators and latches on BOP,LMRP and flex joint; GVI of marine riser and subsea POD lines; Monitoring wellhead for slumping


Support during Work-Class ROV maintenance or downtime

  • Monitoring wellhead for slumping Land out and recovery of BOP, XT, LMRP, and TGB;
  • GVI of BOP and wellhead slumping;
  • GVI of relevant gauges, slope indicators and latches on BOP, LMRP and flex joint;
  • GVI of marine riser and subsea POD lines


GVI of BOP, XT, FSB and all other critical subsea assets during deployment and recovery

Contact us to discuss your needs and the details of the task, so that together we can tailor the most effective solution for your project.