Mooring Operations Intelligence

See the Savings

Consider the benefits of eliminating a de-ballast and ballast cycle when planning a short rig move. The Focus Mooring Operations Intelligence™ (MOI) system can save up to 72 hours per rig move in situations where a move can be completed towing at drilling draft. Further time savings can be achieved, by running operations such as crane operations whilst on tow.

Average rig time saved per well using Focus MOI


300 series[7]

Safe Anchor Operations

The Focus Subsea MOI service makes it possible to safely retrieve and deploy anchors on a semi-submersible rig while it’s ballasted down. Utilising permanent launch and recovery systems installed, maintained and operated by Focus. MOI provides the Operator with unobstructed real-time 360 degree pan and tilt vision of the anchor lines being retrieved while at drilling draft. The Focus MOI provides the Barge Captain with a clear view of anchor lines to avoid fouling, snarls or contact with the rig structure. Any anchor wire or winch problems with secondary anchors can be resolved offline leaving the rig operator with the ability to continue operations as planned.

The Focus MOI system requires minimal deck space on the rig. When operational a team of two Focus Subsea Supervisors are required to deploy, connect and check the system. They then retrieve, service and store the critical equipment before flying off the rig.

The Focus MOI system can be fitted in the field during normal operations and does not require welding or major assistance from the rig or rig operator.

The system includes custom lighting to support anchor operations 24 hours a day.

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